Advanced Medical Technology And Innovation

AMTAI is a surgical equipment manufacturer based in Raleigh, NC, USA. Our team has been in the field of surgical equipment for over 25 years.

Gel Leg Holders

Gel-Integrated Accessories

AMTAI is the first company to offer silicone-gel-integrated surgical table accessories, which help alleviate pressure and thus prevent bedsores.

This also eliminates the need for hospitals to separately purchase some silicone gel pads, which sometimes can slip off the patient during surgery.

We currently offer this innovation with leg holders, multi-task arm boards, shoulder supports, and lateral supports.

Foot pump

Hybrid Option

We are one of only two surgical table manufacturers to offer our customers the option of having a hybrid surgical table. These tables can be operated in two ways:  electro-hydraulically (normal use), or manually (in case of extended power outages or total electrical failure).

For manual use of the table, the user supplies hydraulic pressure by stepping on the foot pump, and choses the position movement using the manual selector knob on the base.

Shoulder attachment

Unique Shoulder Attachment

Our shoulder attachment for the T1000 Series is lightweight and easily attaches to the powered short leg section, after which the patient is put into reverse seated position.

Hospital staff can easily raise and lower the patient by using only the hand pendant, which is much more comfortable and ergonomic than doing so manually (nurses thank us for this solution!).