T1000 Series

T100 Series
  • 1,000 lb Weight Capacity
  • Powered Leg Section
  • Reverse Orientation
  • Slide Option
  • Hybrid Option
Patient Positioning

Aesthetics Technology Ergonomics Material

The T1000 series sets a new precedent in its achievement of an innovative, compact design while maintaining enough clinical versatility to accommodate surgical procedures in nearly all fields, including urology, neurology, orthopedics, and cardiology.

Designed to simplify patient positioning, the table also features a notably sturdy and low-profile base, ensuring surgeon comfort, thus reducing fatigue during long procedures. The intelligent design of the table provides benefits such as remarkable C-arm access, self diagnosis with instant error code display, and the prevention of sectional conflict.

Standard Features

All of our T1000 tables include the following features:

  • Powered Floor Locks
  • Extra Perineal Cutout
  • Table Leveling


  • Mattress Pads
  • Carbon Fiber Filler Piece
  • Hand Pendant
  • Built-in X-Ray Cassette Channels

Patient Positioning

Lithotomy Position

For T1000 tables with the slide option, the table can be slid in the leg direction. This allows convenient use of the C-arm when it is needed for some urology and gynecology procedures, without having to purchase any additional extenders.

Lateral Kidney and Thoracic

The patient can easily be situated laterally or in a supine position, and the use of the Flex function button and/or kidney elevator aids surgical access.

Seated Position

In reverse orientation, the table creates ample leg room while the patient is in a seated position, and the extensive articulation of the back section (which is the leg section in normal orientation).provides excellent surgical access. 30 degrees Trendelenburg movement forms an ideal angle for Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) procedures.


In normal orientation, by attaching the head section to the leg extension or by attaching the leg extension between the head and back sections, the T1000 Series provides unobstructed C-arm access for cardiovascular surgery and femoro-popliteal bypass surgery.

Shoulder Surgery

With the T1000 in reverse orientation, the leg extension is removed and the shoulder attachment is connected to the powered leg section, providing comfortable anterior and posterior access to the shoulder area with no movement required during surgery.